Bathing your Baby - Part 2

Bath time with your new baby can and should be a wonderful experience, although many new parents share how daunting that first baby bath time seems.

When you leave the safety of the hospital ward for the first time with your precious beautiful newborn, you’re filled with all the excitement and many questions. It may be the first time many of you have been this close to a tiny newborn, our modern lives our worlds apart from the old-style village. We are less exposed than any other time in history to each other’s intimate moments. That means the birth of a new baby can feel a little isolating. The modern-day new parent reaching for their phones for advice and support when in the past the wise women of the village (2020 = nurse/midwife) would have been present to help guide the new family in all aspects of care while safe guarding the transition from delicate newborn to thriving toddler and beyond. Now more than ever as we live through this global pandemic, new parents are finding themselves alone with video calls replacing real-time visits from family and friends. The AquaScale baby bathtub will help you create a cozy safe bathtime for all the family to enjoy. There is a screen protector placed over the LCD for transportation purposes. Please make sure you remove it when setting up the AquaScale for the first time. Two AAA batteries power the LCD; it is advisable to select high-quality new batteries for optimal performance. After you have removed the screen cover and placed the batteries, you are ready to go. Remember to place the tub on a flat surface and zero the scale to ensure you get an accurate reading. Bath time is great any time of the day, and the scale function can be used with or without water, so if you want to check your baby’s weight you can at any time of the day. Setting the right temperature is easy with the Aquascale digital thermometer, make sure you have a couple of clean soft towels next to the tub and enjoy this special quality time. Your baby will enjoy mimicking your facial expression and bath time gives all the family a great opportunity to communicate playfully. You may feel silly at first ooohhhh and arrrhhh, and you’re newborn, but this is a massive part of the development, and every interaction is helping your baby on their way to verbal and non-verbal communication. The early you start the easier it is for your baby to absorb. Encourage your baby to kick and splash about in the water, this is not only a lot of fun but will also help strengthen your baby’s overall strength.
The newborn phase is fascinating and sometimes a little challenging, remember to take good care of yourself in those first weeks. You need to eat well and rest as much as possible. After a beautiful relaxing bath time for your newborn, you may want to take a relaxing bath yourself!!